Lead Generation for SHARP Air Purifier. Qualified Leads Increase 238%

By: Indradip Ghosh | Published : 17 January 2022 |

Smart Business & Appliances Solutions is an ISO 900l: 2015 Certified and wholly owned Indian subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, Japan, a 108-year-old company. Sharp – a company known globally for its original technologies & innovative products that others want to imitate. The client chose then ProGrowth Hack now Conversion Valley to lead and execute advertising for lead generation for their Air Purifier products.

Advertising Channel Leveraged:





Pricing: With prices ranging from $500 – $1500, the average product price is $1000. Because of the niche market, finding the right audience along with the right demographic willing to commit to the price tag posed a challenge.

Competition: Competing with other famous brands like Hitachi, Philips we had to make sure we present ourselves in a different way from what the other brands were doing. Directing only traffic into the website was not the solution. Traffic generating ROI or Return on Investment was the only objective.


Facebook and Instagram

The brands pre-existing Facebook and Instagram followers proved to be a great asset. With visually appealing creatives and proper storytelling, we leveraged the two on Facebook and Instagram. With the help of our Customer Research Team we created appealing creatives in order to get the audiences’ attention. We also used proper remarketing tactics in order to remind them about us at every corner. The key with the remarking campaigns was not using wordy headlines, allowing the high-creativity images to be the focal point.

Google Shopping

The crucial strategy with Google Shopping was optimization. Optimizing titles and descriptions to serve in better auctions, we included more keywords and specifications on the product descriptions. Specifying search terms played the pivotal role in optimization.

Initially we began with a standard shopping campaign to accumulate date. Then we switched to smart shopping campaigns. We implemented heavy remarketing using display ads and RLSA to catch people who already showed interest in the brand. In order to overcome the competition posed by the competitors, we used emotional triggering using neuromarketing techniques and increase credibility by adding “Official Website” in the ad copy.


An increased rate of 78% was measured on qualified leads.