Customer Research Helps You To Understand Your Audience Deeply

The Customer research Service will help you to understand your audience deeply and what they are actually looking from your brand. It also helps you to understand their pain points so that you can create better landing pages, better content, or even better ads that actually convert. No more guesswork. Take all the complex decisions based on data. 

Understand Your Audience like They Are Your Best Friends

What’s more important, traffic or conversions? If you send me 50k people from tinder and 500 from a prominent business site (Like You), which one is going to be better for my business?

Unless you’re in the pageview business, you should first and foremost care about conversions. Conversions take place when targeted traffic meets relevant offers. It all starts with doing your customer research and understanding what your customers need or want.

Why Customer Research Service is Important for Your Business

Our Customer Research service helps you to understand.

  • Who the people are, you know how to get to them (the blogs they read, the sites they visit, the stuff they search in Google, etc.);
  • How they describe the type of services you offer, you can copy the word on your site to match the conversation in their head (very important!);
  • How they choose and compare products in your category, you know how to structure and prioritize content on your site;
  • What they want, your value proposition can state exactly that and the whole site can be 98% relevant to them;
  • What they don’t care about, you can dismiss and cut it from the site;
  • How their life is better thanks to your service, you know which end-benefits to communicate.

Since working with ProGrowth Hack, our customer retention rate has risen from 12% to 67%. That also helps us to decrease our advertising budget up to 50%

Julia Richardson ( Founder of Carlo’s Bakery) NewYork

We’re really impressed with the progress we’ve made on our campaigns. The attention to detail and the responsiveness have been excellent! Highly recommend ProGrowth Hack!

Anjit Sarkar ( Founder Diamond Studio)

Since working with ProGrowth Hack, our customer retention rate has risen from 12% to 67%. That also helps us to decrease our advertising budget up to 50%

Julia Richardson

Founder, Carlo's Bakery

We’re really impressed with the progress we’ve made on our campaigns. The attention to detail and the responsiveness have been excellent! Highly recommend ProGrowth Hack!

Anjit Sarkar

Founder, Diamond Studio

Very happy with the Lead generation services. Smart people, great service, and a significant improvement to our store visits and sales.

Joyanato Basu

Founder, S.R Jewellers

Customer research includes quantitative and qualitative studies to understand the behavior and underlying motivations of potential or current customers.

Customer research not only helps you to acquire new customers but help you to retain your current customer for the long term.


Who Benefits from our Customer Research Program?

Happier customers are good for business. Customer experience should be your top priority in your business. But 85% of businesses think their customers are their top priority. Is this your belief ? or do you have your own research that your customers are extremely happy? Understand your customers mind with our user research program


Improve your customer experience based on real customer insights.

Make Data driven business decisions

Create relevant ads that convert

Write personalized content that cares about your customer

Higher revenue, lower ad spend


It was great that you could speak clearly at a high level and a deeper expert level depending on the audience. With ProGrowth Hack, we’ve seen 30% revenue growth quarter over quarter.

Julie Woffard ( Head Customer Experience) Ideal Claim

How We Study Your Customers

Customer Journey Discovery

We spend most of our time to understand the key questions you want answering, such as;


  •   What’s causing us to lose customers?
  •   How does my customer experience pile up against competitors?
  •   What are our user’s main concerns, doubts, and hesitations when buying?
  •  What do our customers consider as unique selling points or features that trigger a sale or desired behavior?
  • Why should my customer choose me, not my competitors ?


Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is important because it is a strategic approach to better understanding customer expectations. Gathering your overall experience and how your customers move through it. This helps us to understand the areas where we are focusing our research. Most of the research found that  84% of consumers feel that being treated like a human rather than a number is crucial to winning their business. Customer journey mapping allows companies to create personalized experiences across all touchpoints – for every individual, across all channels.

Our Research Method

Heuristic Analysis

Heuristic evaluations show how your website performs against accessibility, design, persuasion best practices. This evaluation uncovers issues that are often preventing your customers from converting.


Content Testing

We run copy testing via our other service user testing. We will uncover what real users think about your copy and design. After reviewing 60,000 landing pages Unbounce found that better design can increase your conversion rate up to 2x.

Usability research

Usability research is conducted by setting tasks and scenarios for your target audience to complete, mimicking the real journey through your customer experience via our user testing service. By reviewing their ability to complete tasks, asking important questions, and observing their behavior we can identify a range of usability issues, from confusing taxonomy to purchase form functionality which is causing your users frustration. 

Mouse tracking & heat map analysis

Mouse tracking and heat map analysis is the process of recording what people do while visiting your website. This quantitative research method helps us to discover areas of confusion (e.g mouse and scroll behavior or time on page), friction (e.g rage clicks), or areas of prominence on a specific page.


Data analysis

We use Google analytics historical data.  Exploring the data we can find relationships between variables and identify problems throughout your experience. Large datasets provide more valuable insights to solve the problem. If you are just started up then we need to skip the stage, but we will help you to track data properly for future inspection.

Quantitative survey

Survey and Customer Interviews helps us to understand your audience and what they think, their emotions about your brand. We will set up survey forms in your website and app. This stage also helps us to write better copy for your next campaign or landing page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support will I receive ?

All our services come with full email support. Many of our management packages come with monthly or bi-weekly conference calls lasting 30-45 minutes. We’ll walk you through the campaign performance and collaborate on future strategies. Of course, if you need some more phone time, that’s usually not a problem!

How much traffic do I need to run customer research?

Minimum 20,000-100,000 visitors per month.

How many days you need to complete the research program ?

It completely depends on your niche. But typically 4-6months.

Are there any monthly packages ?

No, there are no monthly packages for the research program. You have to pay 25% upfront.

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