Increase Your Revenue From Your Existing Customers

If you are a SaaS, PaaS, eCommerce, or recurring-based service company, we will help to get more money from your existing customers. The cost of acquiring a new customer is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining your existing ones. As a customer value optimization agency, our job is to do that.

Customer value optimization is critical to the future success of your business.

There’s been an obsession with short-term strategies and quick win tactics that drive revenue, at the expense of long-term profit.  But as competition and acquisition costs rise, Customer value is taking hold.

Customer value optimization is a long-term strategy that helps brands build fruitful relationships with customers and keep them coming back. By learning about your customers, defining the needs, and refining your product so it can really solve customer’s problems, businesses gain loyalty and trust. 

Unlike other customer value optimization agency

Most of the agencies out there focuses on short-term strategies like run some Facebook ads and increase the number of sales. But it is not the ultimate solution. The problem with those strategies you need to run paid campaigns your whole life.  If you run too many paid campaigns, your profit will decrease over time because the customer acquisition costs are rising every year.

That’s why conversion valley thinks differently. We don’t just focus on customer acquisition, we also focus on customer values. What does your customer feel when they buy something from your brand? will they return and purchase again? will they refer your product? and why did they choose you over your competitors? We will help to solve all those questions.

Since working with ProGrowth Hack, our customer retention rate has risen from 12% to 67%. That also helps us to decrease our advertising budget up to 50%

Julia Richardson ( Founder of Carlo’s Bakery) NewYork

We’re really impressed with the progress we’ve made on our campaigns. The attention to detail and the responsiveness have been excellent! Highly recommend ProGrowth Hack!

Anjit Sarkar ( Founder Diamond Studio)

Since working with ProGrowth Hack, our customer retention rate has risen from 12% to 67%. That also helps us to decrease our advertising budget up to 50%

Julia Richardson

Founder, Carlo's Bakery

We’re really impressed with the progress we’ve made on our campaigns. The attention to detail and the responsiveness have been excellent! Highly recommend ProGrowth Hack!

Anjit Sarkar

Founder, Diamond Studio

Very happy with the Lead generation services. Smart people, great service, and a significant improvement to our store visits and sales.

Joyanato Basu

Founder, S.R Jewellers

Most of the businesses have an obsession with traffic and instead focuses on increasing customers that generate the most revenue with the lowest acquisition and maintenance costs.

Who Benefits from our Customer Value Optimization Agency Program?

If you are optimizing customer value then new sales, growth will happen. Your customers will, on average, spend more money per transaction and end up more satisfied with what they have purchased. Since the value, they are receiving is greater, they are more likely to return.


Increased consumer spending per-transaction

Increased customer satisfaction and return of investment

Increased customer counts over the long-term

Decrease future advertising cost

Increase high-level brand awareness without spending much money


It was great that you could speak clearly at a high level and a deeper expert level depending on the audience. With ProGrowth Hack, we’ve seen 30% revenue growth quarter over quarter.

Julie Woffard ( Head Customer Experience) Ideal Claim

How We Optimize Your Customer Values

Segment Your Customers

We segment customers using the RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) model to find out who your most valuable customers are and how their needs change over time. This allows us to target specific clusters of customers based on behaviorand thus generate higher rates of response, increased loyalty, and better customer lifetime value.

We create 4 different segments:


  • Your most frequent buyer with the highest number of orders and highest value. Soulmates are the smallest but most profitable group.
  • Customers who have placed more than three high-value orders.
  • Customers who placed their last order more than half a year ago (depending on your industry).
  • Customers who are no longer active.  

Conduct qualitative research 

Once we have RFM groups, we’ll better understand the distribution of your customers. However, it may be unclear why some customers are more valuable than others. 

This is where qualitative research comes in—to reveal the reasons and barriers related to buying via customer surveys and interviews. 

For each RFM group, ask a set of questions, starting with demographics, reasons to buy, NPS, barriers, reasons for not returning, and other custom questions based on the business case and goals. 

You can send the surveys via email; however, for smaller RFM groups, you can opt for live interviews (in person, phone, Zoom, etc.). Keep NPS ratings separate from all other questions. 

Customer experience

In this stage, we try to understand what your customer feels about your brand


  • Product reviews. Note the good and bad feedback you receive from product reviews.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS). An NPS survey pre-and post-delivery, we’ll detect where your customers are satisfied (or not) with your product or service.
  • Customer effort score. How hard is it for a customer to use the product, find information, or solve a problem?
  • Resolution rate. How effectively does your support team resolve customer problems? Are most of your customers happy with the support you provide? Is there any room for improvement?
  • Product return. A high product return rate might mean an issue with your products or that you’ve done a poor job explaining your product or service.

Ideal Customer Profile

Identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by mixing the quantitative and qualitative data we’ve gathered alongside buying patterns from the RFM analysis.

This process reveals areas of opportunity for optimization:

  • Better ad targeting and lower CACs by focusing on specific product and brand recommendations or in specific regions for a certain RFM customer.
  • Better assortment and merchandising based on what RFM groups are buying and optimized inventory (reduce stock on less-popular products).
  • Better customer service by providing priority support, better response rates, or tailor-made return programs to customers who matter most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any long-term guarantees ?

Yes. We sure do. If you’re not happy with our service after 6 months, let us know and you’ll get the 7th month on us. We really do care a great deal about your satisfaction, so please let us know at any time how we can make our services better.

What kind of support will I receive ?

All our management packages come with full email support. Many of our management packages come with monthly or bi-weekly conference calls lasting 30-45 minutes. We’ll walk you through the campaign performance and collaborate on future strategies. Of course, if you need some more phone time, that’s usually not a problem!

What brings value to a customer?

A good customer experience will create value for a Customer. Creating Customer Value (better benefits versus price) increases loyalty, market share, price, reduces errors, and increases efficiency. Higher market share and better efficiency lead to higher profits.

What are the 4 main customer needs?

There are four main customer needs that an entrepreneur or small business must consider. These are price, quality, choice and convenience.

What do customers hate?
  • Not Being Able to Reach a Live Person. …
  • Rude and Condescending Employees. …
  • Disconnected Calls. …
  • Being Transferred to the Wrong Agent. …
  • Not Being Able to Find Contact Information. …
  • Language Barriers. …
  • Waiting on Hold for Too Long. …
  • Agents Reading from a Script.

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