How Much Money You Lose in Google Ads?*

You may have run Google Ads in the past and were left saying “Google AdWords doesn’t work for our business”. If this sounds familiar, then chances are you were either managing them yourself and burning cash – due to a lack of know-how – or had an amateur agency running it that simply looked at clicks and traffic, rather than conversion. We are a complete PPC Advertising Agency

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Give Your Customers an Opportunity to Directly Buy From You

We Understand PPC Advertising is hard and expensive. Creating different strategies and increase conversion rate is even harder. This is not everyone’s cup of tea. Finding a right PPC Advertising agency is also a harder thing.

Maybe you’ve run search ads without getting the results you wanted.

Maybe you’re just busy running your business and want a partner you can trust.

Or, maybe you’ve worked with other PPC Advertising agencies who reported strong numbers, yet somehow failed to unlock new growth. 

Unlike Other PPC Advertising Agency

We don’t care about Impression, Click through rates. The only thing we care about is the Return on Investment. We also care about cost per lead, how many leads you need to acquire a customer, what’s the lifetime value of a client worth to your business.

We apply attention economics to paid advertising and eat your competition alive.

Conversion Valley is a full stack PPC advertising agency. We don’t just help our clients achieve their dreams. We acquire, operate, and scale our own brand in-house.

As a PPC Advertising Agency, we have just one goal: profitability. Before we start talking about our advertising process. Here are some campaigns we ran.. There is nothing to hide from you.


Since working with ProGrowth Hack, our customer retention rate has risen from 12% to 67%. That also helps us to decrease our advertising budget up to 50%

Julia Richardson ( Founder of Carlo’s Bakery) NewYork

We’re really impressed with the progress we’ve made on our campaigns. The attention to detail and the responsiveness have been excellent! Highly recommend ProGrowth Hack!

Anjit Sarkar ( Founder Diamond Studio)

Since working with ProGrowth Hack, our customer retention rate has risen from 12% to 67%. That also helps us to decrease our advertising budget up to 50%

Julia Richardson

Founder, Carlo's Bakery

We’re really impressed with the progress we’ve made on our campaigns. The attention to detail and the responsiveness have been excellent! Highly recommend ProGrowth Hack!

Anjit Sarkar

Founder, Diamond Studio

Very happy with the Lead generation services. Smart people, great service, and a significant improvement to our store visits and sales.

Joyanato Basu

Founder, S.R Jewellers

 This is our proof. We are not like other PPC Advertising Agency. Now we can do the same thing with your business. 

Okay. That’s enough. Let’s talk about the ads.

Who Benefits from our Full-Stack Google Ads Service?

If you aren’t investing in Google AdWords or other PPC platforms, you are missing out on sales – and giving a market share to your competitors. Our Full google ads management (PPC Advertising Agency Service ) service can benefit your business if you want to:


Get more calls to your business
Increase number of visits in your shop
Drive people to your website
Increase your eCommerce sales
Promote your app to right people


It was great that you could speak clearly at a high level and a deeper expert level depending on the audience. With ProGrowth Hack, we’ve seen 30% revenue growth quarter over quarter.

Julie Woffard ( Head Customer Experience) Ideal Claim

How We Create Ads That Convert like Crazy

The Attention Economy

Your ad has one purpose, and that is to get people to click.

Your ads DEMAND attention. Attention is the most valuable currency in the world right now and with majority of searches are now being done on smart phones.

Your customers are more distracted than ever.

They are just one click away from Youtube’s recent video upload notification.

So, as a full stack PPC advertising agency we spend huge time to write your ad copy.  Writing Google Ads copy is super frustrating. When you have just 30 characters to express your product or service.

That’s why we test multiple ads to generate better results. Compelling, genuine ads copy generates more sales than anything else. As a PPC advertising agency we have tested 1000+ ads.

Include Emotional Triggers

Personalized Words

Include Numbers or Statistics

Focus on the Benefits

Objections handling

The Statistical Analysis

Any amateur PPC advertising agency can make a basic understanding of what performs well and what does not.

We take it one step further by solving for why. We’re determined to not just find what works, but to understand why something works, and how it can be replicated.

We have experienced advertising professionals with well-rounded backgrounds in analytics, psychology, statistics, and consumer behavior.

So we love running multivariate tests, regression analysis, and pulling data into pivot tables.

Once we find a trend, we theorize the cause of that trend and will run additional tests to conclude our hypothesis.

We also place a tremendous amount of value on attribution modeling and its’ importance in measuring campaign performance.

Our team understands that the buyer journey is a complicated process, and we’ll be fixated on finding the optimal mix of ad frequency and messaging over time to convert your users to buyers.

A/B Testing

Multivariate tests

Regression analysis

Focus on consumer behavior

Run Multiple hypothesis

Customer-Centric Campaign

At the end of the day, it’s real people that are interacting with your ads, website, and brand, and real people are very particular about what types of messaging and advertisements they respond to.

Effective ads go beyond catching the eye of the user.

They tell a story about your brand and showcase your value proposition.

The imagery and design of a quality advertisement will communicate just as much relevant information as the ad copy.

The design of your website and landing pages is even more significant.

A website should not only be visually appealing and clear in its’ messaging, but it needs to be optimized for conversion rate.

When we are spending your money on acquiring traffic, we need to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to convert this traffic into customers and leads. As a PPC advertising agency, this is our ultimate job.

Landing Page Design

Conversion Optimization

A/B Testing landing page

Omni Channel Approach

Lead Magnet Design

5 Tips to Double Your Google Ads Click

Google advertising is just one aspect of your online marketing. Used effectively, it can be a cost-effective way to generate more revenues. In too many cases, businesses are haphazard in their use of Google ads. That can drain marketing budgets without a positive return. Try our FREE ebook. Learn Google Ads from a PPC Advertising Agency

PPC Advertising Agency ( Conversion Valley)

New account setup or extended audit

Asa PPC Advertising Agency our each project begins with either our full-funnel setup or an extended audit. We’ll examine everything from keyword research, targeted search queries, negative keywords, competitors, campaign types, to bidding strategy.

Dedicated search-marketing buyer

Every brand is paired with a dedicated Google Ads buyer who is responsible for planning and executing your buying strategy. Together, you’ll set KPIs anchored to your ecommerce business’ larger goals.

Google Ads & Google Analytics setup

Connecting Google Ads with Google Analytics ensures your audiences are properly united for retargeting, specifically Google’s newest version of cross-device remarketing called Signals.

Custom reporting & performance reviews

After we link client-side reporting, we’ll also build dashboards for weekly reviews on the metrics that matter most: click-through rates (CTR), conversion value, and ROAS

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any long-term guarantees ?

Yes. We sure do. If you’re not happy with our PPC Advertising agency service after 4 months, let us know and you’ll get the 5th month on us. We really do care a great deal about your satisfaction, so please let us know at any time how we can make our services better.

What kind of support will I receive ?

All our PPC Advertising Agency packages come with full email support. Many of our management packages come with monthly or bi-weekly conference calls lasting 30-45 minutes. We’ll walk you through the campaign performance and collaborate on future strategies. Of course, if you need some more phone time, that’s usually not a problem!

How does the Google billings work?

Google bills at the end of the 30-day billing cycle – You’ll have your billing profile set up with Google (or Yahoo! Facebook or Linkedin) and they will charge from your card directly for the actual advertising costs. Our management fees will be billed to the card you used to subscribe or invoiced to you separately via our cloud-based accounting system.

How does the 7days trial work?

As a PPC Advertising Agency, we are completely transparent. Although we do ask for the set-up fee upfront (as a sign of good faith), we offer a full refund within 7 days of paying your set up fee if you are not completely satisfied for any reason. Once the trial period expires, you will be billed for the first month of management. Monthly management fees vary based on which package you choose. Once you are charged your first month’s management fee, you are no longer entitled to your 100% refund. If you received a coupon code for a discount on the set-up fee, you are not entitled to a 7-day refund.

Can I log into my adword account ?

Yes! As a PPC Advertising Agency, we are completely transparent. We believe in complete transparency and it’s an important role in building strong long-term business relationships. You’ll have full access to all your campaigns so you can see exactly what we see, anytime you want.

Still, Confused?

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